Jan 2: went a little overboard
Dec 30: just a taste?
Dec 27: trapped
Dec 22: stamped
Dec 13: no funny stuff
Dec 9: first floor
Dec 3: oh, it's just Shane Laing in Microsoft's house
Nov 13: lockstep
Oct 30: non-native
Oct 10: the waterboy
Sep 13: mmmmmmmmm
Sep 23: leftover honey
Sep 18: man-made love
Sep 17: we're in this together
Sep 5: more dinner
Aug 29: cue the Barry White
Aug 16: distracted by the things that matter
Aug 15: I'm as happy as a little schoolgirl
Aug 10: dinner time
Aug 9: ready to save the day
July 25: friends do what friends should
July 8: don't look back
July 3: work to do
June 22: gutter of the shaolin
June 16: sky harbor
June 7: it didn't rain today
June 6: hard top
May 30: Mike knows exactly what he's doing
May 18: she used to be somebody
May 11: multipurpose
Apr 27: toddler splash
Apr 17: we've still got a wayyyyyyyys to go
Apr 6: given up
Mar 29: so fresh and so clean
Mar 15: gluten freed
Mar 6: typical
Feb 8: not a problem
Jan 14: a german askew
Jan 4: lunch date
Dec 28: for their dearly departed
Dec 26: I ruined their Thursday
Oct 31: the many trials of a sanitation engineer
Oct 23: Josh's choice
Oct 10: leave me some space next time
Sep 29: wet day, this
Sep 16: dripped
Aug 26: you had your mind locked on something else...?
Aug 10: digital graffiti
Aug 3: Darlington Nagbe agrees
Jul 31: I know people hate this look but I don't care
Jul 30: classic
Jul 20: pillsbury doughster
Jun 15: a good walk spoiled
Jun 9: hay...sup?
May 24: cotton eyed joe
May 22: another wet, dreary day
May 19: self-portrait
Apr 27: gigglechat
Apr 17: Surprise Wednesday Afternoon Playtime Dog agrees to a new modeling career
Apr 6: not today
Apr 5: oblivious
Mar 31: steady rider
Mar 20: neighborhood critic
Mar 15: you. i like you.
Feb 12: our union is strong
Jan 7: farewell, old friend
Jan 6: winched
Dec 16: for your heart's sake
Nov 25: true G
Nov 7: quick break
Oct 8: classic wonderland
Sep 23: tough
Sep 15: Wall of Goof
Sep 1: tune in
Aug 15: I would like to have seen Montana
Jul 28: draggin' ass
Jul 23: a shining example
Jul 22: just a bit wide
Jul 13: rain break
Jul 9: and now my irrational arachnophobia has me brushing off my shoulders and ears every 7 seconds
Jun 24: city motto
Jun 20: last train to sunset
Jun 9: German exchange student
Jun 13: morning disc
Jun 2: spritzer
May 21: misfire
May 22: dementor aboard
May 23: haters gonna hate
May 1: I call him "Rupert"
May 5: messy work, this
Apr 29: a quick glance left
Apr 15: 30something thousand
Apr 20: staying on target
Mar 26: lechuga
Apr 2: stay on the path
Mar 23: he's pretty elite in my book if he can hold off thugs with a bottle
Mar 22: some days you just gotta pimp
Mar 14: no need to watch where we've been
Mar 16: hard and fast
Feb 29: fitting subject for a Leap Day, wouldn't you say?
Feb 23: it seemed like a good idea at the time
Jan 30: energetic
Jan 16: good morning, canada!!
Jan 14: reliant