1. Photo taken only on my iPhone 4, 5, 4s, 6.
  2. Photo must be taken between 12 and 12 of whatever local timezone I’m in.
  3. All editing must be done on the iPhone, not on any other device (iPad, PC, Mac, abacus).
  4. Try my best to upload it right away. Hit me up on Facebook to see everything pretty-much right away. Otherwise, it may be a bit between uploads here.

That simple.


Sometimes it’s tough determining which of tens (or rarely hundreds) of shots to use as the Photo of the Day.  Sometimes it’s hard to get a single shot in (life and/or work (usually that) tends to get in the way).

Don’t be surprised if you see my family from time to time (furry animals included).

Plus, when editing on such a small screen, sometimes it’s not til I get back to the laptop that I notice things are horribly exposed/saturated/focused.  Roll with it and learn for the next day, right…?


Main apps used nowadays (in order): Camera (yeah, just the built-in one), Pro Camera , SnapseedProHDR, Filterstorm, Diptic.

Apps used in the past and dabbled in from time to time: Camera+, Camera Awesome, Process, Luminance, Litely, Photo fx, Photogene, PerfectPhoto, 645 Pro.

Apps despised: Instagram. (No really…this thing’s a blight, and I only use it now for distribution purposes)


Like my style?  See more at properpixel.


(and please, enjoy saving these photos as desktop backgrounds and such…but don’t go trying to print or sell them as your own)